Rules and Rewards

What is the FTX Battle Royale?


Total Prize Pool:

Important Dates:

Competition Format:

We have carefully designed the way we calculate the score for 1), 2) and 3) so that it is balanced for everyone (small and large FTT holders and traders). A detailed explanation for our score calculations is available in this help desk article.

  1. The Global Battle

    The FTX Battle Royale is a premiere global cryptocurrency derivatives trading competition designed to find the best traders in the world.
  2. Stake Traders

    Using social E-Sports elements, fans of traders are able to support them by ‘staking’ their FTT with the trader to capture their PnL. The top 20 stakers win prizes each day.
  3. Big Prizes

    The total prize pool includes over 120k FTT (~$144k USD with FTT at $1.20), Sam’s Battlestation and other user engagement prizes throughout the practice round. Prizes below for the rounds! Prizes

How to Sign Up

Who can Participate

  1. Trader or a Staker

    You can participate in the competition as a Trader and/or Staker.
  2. KYC Required

    Please Note: KYC level 1 or 2 verification is required KYC Level 1: State your name, email and country of residence KYC Level 2: Proof of address, name, email, identification
    • Non KYC accounts are not eligible to participate
    • FTX does not onboard personal or corporate accounts of current residents of the United States of America, Cuba, Crimea and Sevastopol, Iran, Syria, North Korea, or Sudan.
    • Full FTX Terms of Service.

Trading Rules

  1. How Traders Are Ranked

    Traders are ranked by their weekly PnL (% ROI).
  2. Duration

    There are five rounds in total. Each round lasts one week.
  3. Advancing

    In order to be eligible for the Grand Prize, traders must not fall into the bottom 50% of traders each week.
  4. PNL Reset

    Trader PnL resets every week
  5. No cut off date

    Sign up at any time!

Minimum Entry Requirements

  1. Minimum Funds

    No minimum. Any tradable asset on FTX can be used as collateral (BTC, USD Stablecoins, FTT, ETH, etc).
  2. Battle Royale OG Badge

    We recommend holding at least 1k FTT collateral because:
    • If you hold 1,000 FTT you earn a Battle Royale OG Badge
    • You get a 5% fee discount
  3. Minimum Volume

    No minimum trade volume required

Trading Contracts

Traders participating in the Battle Royale can make use of all the products on FTX. These products include:

Earning Badges

Traders will be able to earn different badges for different trading challenges that will be announced throughout the month leading up to the Battle Royale.

FTT Holder Badge

FTT is the exchange token for FTX, it provides holders with discounts on fees for trading and OTC. The badges below can be earned by holding the corresponding amounts of FTT.

FTX 1K Bronze FTX 5K Silver FTX 10K Gold FTX 50K Platinum FTX 100K Diamond

Leveraged Token BNB Bull

Buy BNB Bull tokens

FTX Bull BNB Token

Leveraged Token Bear

Buy any combination of Bear tokens

FTX Bear Token
FTX Up Down Token FTX Shitcoin Token FTX Treasure Token

... and many more badges will be announced throughout the month!

Traders Prize Pool

The most profitable trader can win up to 18k FTT (~$22k USD). Total trader prize pool is 40k FTT (~$48k USD) Profitable Trader


  1. Trade the Traders

    Spectators can “trade the traders” by staking their favorite traders (up to five traders maximum) with FTT.
  2. Stakers Scoring

    Stakers earn a score based on the amount of FTT staked and the performance of their chosen traders.
    • Staker Score is calculated from a combination of FTT staked and number of stakers. Check out the Battle Royale Scoring Calculations. We have carefully designed the staker score to make it fair for small and large FTT holders.
    • Staking can be changed every hour. Spectators/Stakers have until the end of each hour to place/change their stake for it to count towards the next round/hour.
    • Spectators/Stakers do not have to change their stake every hour, they can stake the same traders for the whole day, week or month.
      • If spectators do not change their stake, the original choice will roll over to the next hour/round.
    • Staking will not cause any FTT to be lost. If your trader(s) get knocked out or you get a low staking score, you do not lose any FTT.
    • Stakers will be ranked at the end of the week and top stakers will win FTT. Staked FTT is unavailable to use for collateral
  3. Stakers' Prize Pool

    The best staker can win up to 7.3k FTT (~9k USD). Total prize pool is 40k FTT (~$48k USD).

Most Popular Trader

  1. Rewards

    The most popular/staked traders will also get rewarded with FTT.
  2. Invite Your Friends

    Traders can also win FTT by getting their friends and fans to stake them.
  3. Popularity Scoring

    The popularity of a trader is measured by the number of people who’ve staked them and the amount that is staked in their favor.
  4. Engage Influencers

    Influencers are welcome to engage with our communities on Telegram, Twitch, YouTube and other social media platforms.
  5. Staked Traders’ Prize Pool

    The most popular/staked trader can win up to 17.5k FTT (~$21k USD). Total prize pool is 40k FTT (~$48k USD) Popular Trader Table

Battle Royale Referral Program

If your friends sign up with your referral code, you will receive 50% of their fees while they get 10% of their fees rebated. Click here to calculate your earnings based on the amount of volume referred. This bonus will only be eligible on the Battle Royale subaccount.

For Example: If your referees trade a total of $100 million USD worth of volume. Your commissions will be ~30k USD. (see following table). Or click here to calculate.

This special promotion will only be valid for the duration of Battle Royale.

Affiliates Table

Post Battle Royale Referral Program

After the Battle Royale all your existing referrals will revert to our standard referral incentive where you will receive 30% of their fees while they get 5% of their fees rebated.

Post Referral Table

These calculations are based on highest fee tiers. Influencers who have gotten the Bybit’s special 40% referral program have asked why the absolute commission for Bybit is lower than FTX’s 30%. This is because FTX’s 30% is off 9bps, whereas Bybit 40% is off 5bps. 30%*9bps > 40%*5bps.
Hence, referrals will earn more on FTX’s affiliate program over Deribit’s, Bitmex’s and Bybit’s. In addition, referred FTX users get 5% rebate on their trading fees. This is something that Bybit does not offer.

For Affiliates

We provide marketing collateral support, engagement from FTX social media, interviews on FTX, collaborative connections with other Battle Royale traders to help you increase your conversion rates. You will get a dedicated FTX manager if you meet these requirements.

For affiliates with high performance, we offer generous bonuses. Please contact us directly at sup[email protected] or message @dwong23, @JamesStewartNZ or @burglol on telegram.

In addition, power affiliates can apply for a special two-level (sub-affiliate) referral program.

How to Volunteer

Battle Royale is organized by FTX - a cryptocurrency derivatives exchange that offers futures, leveraged tokens and OTC. Since FTX launched a few months ago, we have grown beyond expectations thanks to the overwhelming support from our community.

Many of you have expressed interest to help out with Battle Royale and we want to show how much we truly appreciate your enthusiasm. As a token of our appreciation, we will be awarding Sam’s battlestation and other FTX/Battle Royale swag to community members who add the most value to Battle Royale.

How to add value

Once again, we truly appreciate the help that all of you have given us. FTX would not be where it’s at if not for your enthusiasm, patience, amazing feedback and support. Let’s work together and make the first FTX Battle Royaleof the best trading competitions in crypto history!

Feel free to reach out to us to see how we can collaborate!

What is FTX?

ftx.com is a cryptocurrency derivatives exchange built by Alameda Research. As one of the leading quant trading firms in the space, Alameda has experience trading across all major exchanges (currently trading $1B in volume a day). FTX was built due to various frustrations faced trading on these exchanges. As traders ourselves, we want to work with you to build the best exchange in the space. We believe that we should reward our biggest supporters, influencers and admins who drive user and trading volume growth and are critical to our growth as an exchange.

Terms and Conditions

The best traders and stakers will win a share in 120,000 FTT (currently valued at $144,000 USD as of 26th August 2019 with FTT at $1.20). *amount subject to change if the price of FTT changes significantly before Battle Royale starts.*

FTX reserves the right to cancel or amend any Activity or Activity Rules at our sole discretion.

Disclaimer: Trading in digital assets comes with high risks due to huge price fluctuations. Before trading, please have a full understanding of all the risks of trading in digital assets and be prudent of your own transaction decisions.

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